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Why Socrates a hero? A literary evening in Karachi

The CBEC Forum is an informal group of CBEC faculty, students, alumni and invited guests, that meets over tea on Friday afternoons. A wide range of issues, national and international, are selected for discussion with one of the Forum members taking the lead with a brief presentation. The CBEC Forum is also used to keep people abreast of the Centre’s current and proposed activities and programs. Dr. Shariq Ali, a plastic surgeon working in the UK presented his audio-story entitled “Why Socrates is my Hero”, at the CBEC Forum on July 29, 2011. Drawing on Dr. Ali’s reminiscences of Socratic Hour events at CBEC, the story discussed exemplary teachers and described the life of the great philosopher Socrates. The audio-story was followed by an interesting group discussion on various issues related to the teaching of ethics and the session ended with a reading of Dr. Ali’s poem on Tahrir Square. A live webcast of the session was streamed for participants outside Karachi and Pakistan. followed online by a Pakistani as well as an international audience.

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