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خوش آمدید

welcome to valueversity

Founded by Shariq Ali in 2011

About valueversity

Valueversity a website founded in 2011 that focuses on universal values which are common to all of us as one human race. This university of universal values aim to bring harmony to the people of the entire world. Through our reflective poems, write ups, inspiring stories, mind absorbing podcasts and many other powerful educational and communication tools, we seek to celebrate human diversity and make information consumption and learning both enjoyable and life enhancing.

Exclusive Creativity

I respect but do not follow other people’s work of ideas. My mind has to be completely focused on my understanding of reality. It’s a philosophy of life. A practice with no end.

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If you read and listen to this, something will change, what will change is that you will change, your life will change, and if you can change, you can change the world.

intellectual uplift

Valueversity short stories and Podcasts are the delivery capsule for the nutrition of the mind. It may give you knowledge but the aim is to provide wisdom. Stories that will make things around you beautiful and slightly dreamy.

WE want you to be ELEGANT

Elegance isn’t solely defined by what you read and what podcasts you listen to. It’s how you carry elegant ideas


محترمہ ادا جعفری صاحبہ کی کتاب ” جو رہی سو بے خبری رہی”

دو ستمبر دو ہزار تیئیس بروز ہفتہ لندن میں منعقدہ جشن ادا جعفری کی تقریب میں کی گئی مختصر گفتگو سے مت…

Ada Jafarey,s autobiography: “A world of her own” (Jo Rahi So Bekhabri Rahi)

This write-up relates to the brief talk given at the celebration of Ada Jafarey Saheba held in Londo…

Cultivating Excellence: Lessons from Aristotle’s Timeless Wisdom

Aristotle, a name that resonates through the corridors of history, was much more than a philosopher.

ارسطو اور حسن کارکردگی

ارسطو ایک یونانی فلسفی تھا جو 384 سے 322 قبل مسیح تک زندہ رہا۔ وہ افلاطون کا طالب علم تھا اور بعد می…

اہم لوگوں کی روشن باتیں سورین کیرکگارڈ (1813–1855)

سورین کیرکگارڈ ڈینش فلسفی اور ماہر الہیات جو انیسویں صدی میں قیام پذیر تھا۔ وہ وجود کی نوعیت، انسانی…

Embracing the Present, Learning from the Past: Søren Kierkegaard’s Timeless Wisdom

Søren Kierkegaard's, Danish philosopher and theologian, left an indelible mark on the world of exist…

حیرت غُرورِ حُسن سے، شوخی سے اضطراب

دل نے بھی تیرے سیکھ لیے ہیں چلن تمام

ایک چراغ اور ایک کتاب اور ایک امید اثاثہ