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Elusive Consciousness, Urdu Podcast, FIKR ANGAIZ, Value Radio

Consciousness is one of the greatest mystery of existence.

Is our consciousness nothing but a computational circuit of trillions of electrochemical synaptic interactions between billions of neurons in our brain?

Is it only an integral part of a materialistic and mechanistic universe?

is it simply being aware of something, of one’s sensations, thoughts, and feelings at any given moment?


is it a part of a spiritual reality? A window through which we can explore the purpose of existence?

Who are we?

Are we zombies or Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat?

If you find above questions interesting and worth exploring. Please Click here to listen to this urdu podcast on Consciousness.

Consciousness Fikr Angaiz Value Radio

Listening time is 9 minutes. This is one of the episode of a series of program FIKR ANGAIZ on Value Radio of Valueversity

Shariq Ali

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