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Welcome to an all new Valueversity

I am proud to announce the unveiling of the all new Valueversity website! Due to the phenomenal success of this online educational resource it made sense to take Valueversity to the next level with a new image and a new way of accessing and contributing to the wealth of wisdom, teaching and philosophy that this website delivers. I am indebted to Panda’s Eyes for their hard work in designing and constructing this new website and hope it will foster a new community of people inspired by changing the world in positive ways and spreading thoughtful and thought provoking ideas. Please take a listen to this audio introduction to what Valueversity is and how it aims to instil a sense of learning and respect for others in you and hopefully the whole world. As always, I thank you for taking time out to visit Valueversity.


Dr. Shariq Ali FRCS
Founder of Valueversity

listen to ‘Introduction to Valueversity’ on Audioboo

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