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Value People, One more child in Jinja, Uganda

The Interburns teamLocal kids visit usI present to the audience a

talk on ‘Burn Training Retreat’

Source Cafe was the only decent place we (Interburns) found to have some reflection about the days activity over a cup of coffee in the small town of Jinja, 75 km away from Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

We ordered what we wanted and were about to be served and just began the conversation. Here comes a red softball and the two children chasing after. One was a local african street boy of about three years of age but the other boy was a European boy of almost similar age but with golden hair and blue eyes. In this remote town of Uganda, the friendship looked a bit odd.

Within few minutes we managed to uncover the mystery when RuthAnn, our Interburns colleague, introduced us with a family of Harry, Hen  and their 2 and a half year old son and a six month old gorgeous baby girl. They were accompanied by few local street boys.

We decided to come outside of the hall and sit on a table outside the restaurant just beside the main road of Jinja town and conversation began.

Harry and Hen runs a charitable organization in Jinjacalled  One more child . Their home is shared by thirteen orphans who lived with them permanently and in the evening, their house is a dressing room of a football club of street boys of Jinja.

On every Tuesday they serve a free meal and everyone on the street is welcome. They feed them, educate them and provide them mentoring of human values by organising schooling and playing football with them.

People like Harry and Hen are the source of inspiration for me. I thought I will share the glimpse of human decency with all of you. Attached are few photos of this encounter and our trip to Jinja.

Their website is www.1moreChild. org

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