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Significance of “Angaray” in Urdu literature

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“Angarey” is a significant book in the history of Urdu literature, published in 1932 during the Progressive Writers Movement. Its importance lies in several aspects:

  1. Innovation:
    “Angarey” introduced a wave of innovation in Urdu literature. Its contents, including articles, stories, and poems, deviated from traditional themes and delved into social and societal issues, class struggles, and topics of sexuality.
  2. Beginning of the Progressive Movement:
    This book laid the foundation for the Progressive Writers Movement in Urdu literature. The movement transformed literature from mere entertainment to a means of expressing social and political consciousness.
  3. Controversial Content:
    After its publication, “Angarey” faced significant criticism and became controversial. Many considered its content unethical and against religion, leading to its ban.
  4. Literary Revolution: The book initiated a new type of literary revolution in Urdu literature, encouraging later writers to boldly address social and political issues in their works.

The unique role of “Angarey” in Urdu literature contributes to its enduring significance. It gave literature a new direction and inspired writers to address societal issues in their writings.

Shariq Ali

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