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Saath do gay mira?

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Will you come along?

My lyrics, my words

will you be with me?

will you come along?

conscience is a kindle

in the darkness of being

it shines, it whispers

silence is a crime!

my lyrics, my words

what else do I have?

but you, only you

you are all in all

my pen, my voice

my canvas, my plectrum

my tool, my weapon

if I wish to strike

on the wall of crime

on the fortress of power

will you be my hammer?

my chisel, my rope

will you come along?

Hiroshima was ashes

and now, it smiles

with fragrance of flowers

history is over

the lesson unlearned

if I wish to shout

the point we missed

will you be my voice?

my plectrum, my drum

will you come along?

moonlight is dying

in the eyes of hunger

roses are withering

bodies shriveling

fields are showered

with rain of cluster bombs

harvest is land mines

amputees stumble

on a road uneven

the path of inequity

crimes of power

vices of civility

the silence of rage

in the heart of Gaza

for the disgrace at check post

where body is searched

and soul ignored

anguish of a dad

coming out of rubble

with dead son in arms

and waiting outside

is the lament of a mum

dreams are flames

in the bonfire of time

night is young

music inviting

life is gathered

for a party, for a ball

they waited so long

since Socrates, since Mansoor

for a dance of defiance

my lyrics, my words

if I wish to stand up

will you hold my hands?

will you dance with me?

will you be with me?

will you come along?

Saath do gay mira?

mere alfaz tum,

saath do gay mira?

ye miri zindagi, mera lumha hay ye

mujh say kehta hay khamosh rehna nahin

or kya hay mere pass, tum hee tau ho

tum qalam, mo qalam, saz e izhar bhi

mera hathyar bhi, mere ozar bhi

mere alfaz tum,saath do gay mira?

hiroshima tha kul raakh or aaj wo

phool quryon say mehka hoa shehr hay

apni tareekh ki iss siyah raat say

hum nay seekha hay kya

mujh ko likhna hay ye

mujh ko likhna hay furd e hissab e hukum

zulm ki beraham dastan e alum

meray alfaz tum

saath do gay mira?

chand aankhon ki bujhti hoi roshni

phool bachon ki sookhi hoi hudian

bhook say bilbilati hoi bustian

pass zurkhaiz mitti ka chulni badan

jiss pay barish cluster bumon say hoi

jurm tehzib ka, land mines bichi

kitnay mazoor pairon ki baychargi

aik ghaza kay muzdoor ki baybussi

apnay ghar, apni dharti ko jatay hoay

check poston ki zilat say ghail ana

haath uthay hoay, sur jhukay hoay

baap mulbay say baher nikalta hoa

bazoon main liye, lash masoom ki

paon nungay hain, or bal kholay hoy

bain kerti hoi maan ki deewangi

shol e khwab hay waqt ki aag main

or allao kay charon tarruf zindagi

raat dhulnay ko hay, taal bhi tez hay

misl e suqrat o mansoor or surmedi

aik muddat hoi, such ko nachay hoay

aao nachain zara

saath do gay mira?

jiss ki awaz ho khunkhanati hoi

such wo bolain khara

soor phoonkain zara

meray alfaz tum

saath do gay mira?

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