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Positive Aspects of Coronavirus

Positive aspects of coronavirus

Is there a possibility that the dark cloud of the Coronavirus disaster has a silver lining? Can we turn around this fear and threat of death into something positive? Geographical borders, political interests, economic differences, racial discrimination, religious hatreds, nothing could stop it spreading. It has discovered and attacked our origin. Our true being as humans without any other discrimination. Now it is up to us to insist on the same discriminatory distinction and to lose this war or to confront it collectively and win it.
The other aspect to consider is that when nature chooses us human for a calamity or mercy, then it does so without having any discrimination. Today, religious elites are silent without promising any solution. We are not looking towards the Vatican or the Temple of the Maya Jag or any other synagogue for the breakthrough but towards the scientific laboratory of Japan, Korea, the United States, China, the United Kingdom or any such rational society. We are waiting for a successful vaccine manufacturing, clinical trial, or rational analysis or strategy to defeat this problem. Is this difficulty telling us that the respect for individual spiritual beliefs are understandably precious for us but the solution for our collective problems is rationality? Ultimately, we humans in this world will have to take full responsibility for our pain and our happiness by using the greatest blessing of mother nature, human intelligence.
I wonder once this difficult time is over, will we collectively become better human beings, or will we go back to our discriminatory distinctions and selfishness?

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