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Phool Bundhay Zanjeeron Say!

This poem is dedicated to the noble struggle of women empowerment and equality! For English translation and Roman script, please keep on scrolling down. Thanks!

Flowers in shackle!

This town is haunted and people spellbound

There are sacred inscriptions on the walls of town

And same is written in the hearts of people

These inscriptions are nothing but the allegory of hate!

Like zombies, they follow only rituals, not reason

All streets in town every home,

Every door have flowers in shackle!

Are they guard or assassin? They look agnate?

Be a son, or brother be a father,

Or husband so girded,

Everyone with a sword of honor with a dagger of pride!

Is body of a woman a crime or a breach? Then why infliction?

By passer by in streets, these men,

Cruel men their looks so gross, their talk so crude!

Centuries have passed while sharing all burden

And working by side with men in fields,

In factories, in business.

Myriad of captives in jails of home just waiting to be free

A freedom long due! Enough is enough!

Now! Listen my flowers bring anger,

Bring fury this is time to ignite!

Be a fire not color be a flame not scent put garden into fire

Conflagration of town burn sacred inscriptions that curbs your freedom!

This is time for a dance with the breeze of freedom

On a pace so fast and the whirling,

So fast that the clack of shackles in legs, in arms are loud,

So loud till the metal is red your shackle red hot let it melt away!

Let it melt away!

 Phool Bundhay Zanjeeron Say!
(Orton kay musawi huqooq ka khwab daikhnay wali tumam aankhon kay naam!)

Ik asaib zada busti main

deewaron per or dillon pay

jitnay muqadas lufz likhay hain

nufrat ki tamseelain hain

sudion say raij zulmet ki

bay sumjhi taqleedain hain

Iss busti kay her koochay main

Ghur ghur, dur dur sulug rahay hain

phool bundhay zanjeeron say!

kon muhafiz, kon hay qatil

koi ye kaisay jaan sukay ga?

shohar, bhai, baap or baita

sub hee hain huthyar uthay

izzat or namoos ki burchi

khunjer ghairatmundi ka

sungzanan bayhooda jumlay

kaisay sahain or buchain tau kaisay

tez nigahon ki tazeerain

jism na ho koi jurm ho jaisay

kitni sudian beet gaee hain

khaiton main her saath nibhatay

muzdoori ka bojh uthatay

factorion ki shift lugatay

dufter-e- kar o bar chllatay

ghur ki deewaron main sisuktay

apnay huq ka rusta taktay

phollon! ab miri baat suno tum rung nahi ab aag bano tum! dehkao khushboo kay sholay

gulshan aatish zaar buna do busti ko angaar buna do

lehrao azad fiza main

zulm ka her furman jala do

tez karo jhunkar junnon ki

pazaibain gulnar buna do

ab ye zanjeerain pighla do!

ab ye zanjeerain pighla do!


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