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Goldilocks Zone – Neither too hot nor too cold, but “just right”

For the last 12.7 billion light years of our speculated existence after the big bang, we are travelling through the unimaginable vastness of innumerable galaxies non stop.

In this lone journey on a speck of mass in our solar system of a small galaxy, floating through the cold, hostile and inhabitable darkness of billions of galaxies, how did we finally become the winners of this cosmic jackpot called life and why?

Why are the distances and gravity and electromagnetic and physical forces and all the Newtonian laws are working together in harmony and in the best interest of our existence?

Why are we placed on the habitable green zone of planet earth?

Why are we placed in a nurturing womb of this compassionate environment for the ultimate evolutionary success of our ancestor, the replicating DNA?

Are we special and the entire cosmos is intelligently designed and created for us?

– or –

Are we less than nothing in the fathomless vastness of a mega universe, or perhaps a small one in a bubbling multiverse?

Are we an ordinary creation made up of carbon particles emerging from the dust of dead stars and have become accidentally alive through an evolutionary organisation of a macromolecule called DNA over a period of 4.7 billion light years?

I think we are special!

We are special because we are capable of asking these questions.  We are special because of our consciousness.

We are special because we not only exist In the neurophysiological circuits of our brain but also in the space of our free will.

We are special because we are the part of this objective reality called cosmos but are also capable of being observer of the same objective reality at the same time.

We are special, because in our true essence, we believe in the ultimate power of justice. This will helps us achieving our true collective potential by creating Goldilocks zone for the entire humanity.

But are we following our true essence!

Are we following the golden rule of justice during our few thousand years history of human civilization, in our present global reality and in our individual lives?

Are we doing justice to our natural resources?

Is our present day global civilization providing equal economic and growth opportunities for all of us on this planet earth to reach our collective potential as human race?

Is our present global system created by us humans is a Goldilocks zone?

Are we what we are, potentially special?

Are we special?

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