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Climb up to Mt Everest with Greg Healey!

Click for Greg’s expedition pics

Dear friends, 

Greg has now made it to Mount Everest. Following message was written while he was attempting it!

Think of a man and his determination and a journey in the uninhabited icy vastness, step by step, to conquer the mightiest peak of planet earth, the Mount Everest.  

At this moment and time, while you are reading this, Greg Healey is busy climbing the northface of Mount Everest. Each of his step and thought is well directed and purposeful. Share few moments with him in the following video


His expedition is supporting three charities. Interburns( International Network for Training, Education and Research) is one of them. 

Greg share the passion with Interburns to reduce the Burns related global suffering. One of a major cause of deaths, disabilities, deformities and scarring globally and most commonly amongst the children and women of the developing world. 

Interburns is making a difference to reduce the burns related global burden of disease since 2006 and have trained 1189 burns physicians and workers from 13 different countries till present date.

If you wish to climb up with Greg Healey to the glory of this cause and would like to donate, however small it may be, please use the link on Greg’s website for Interburns and donate online

Greg Healey, on his way to Everest, and we at Interburns along with the unfortunate burns victims will be thankful for your generosity.

Please forward this mail to your friends and oblige. 

Interburns Members:

Dr Tom Potokar

DrShobha Chamania

DrShariq Ali

Ms Ruth Ann Fanstone

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