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A sage, attainment of wisdom. Grandpa and me. Podcast serial by Valueversity. Episode 42

When the webinar ended, we turned off the computer and came out and sat in the veranda. The topic of the webinar was how to live a successful life. The weather was nice, and the front lawn was full of colourful flowers. The mind was bubbling with questions. When everyone settled. I inquired about the meaning of the long phrase used in the discussion. A seasoned and cultured intellectual. Grandpa smiled and said.  I agree it is a bit of flowery language. It means a wise man or a sage. What is the identity of a sage, grandpa? I asked. Babul spoke before the Grandpa. I saw a sage person once. Long hair, red eyes and had a musical instrument in his hand. I gave him a glass of water to drink. Ignoring the sarcastic smile on my lips, Grandpa spoke to Babul. You are right Babul.  That person may very well be a sage. Sages are present in every corner of the globe and in every form, but not in enough number. You may see him grazing goats in the foothills of Nepal. Or teaching children at a school in Shanghai. Wearing jeans working on his laptop in Silicon Valley. Or engaged in a high-profile meeting in an office. Please tell us more about sages. My curiosity intensified. Dada Ji said. Individuals with a deep understanding of life who have freedom of thinking are sages. You will find them in every society. Such a person may not be a rebel. But does not accept traditions based on assumptions or naive explanations. They make decisions based on their own thinking. And take full responsibility for their personal opinions and beliefs. Uncle asked Yani Apa to bring the tea and biscuits and continued conversation. Sage is aware of him or herself and the world around. Always eager to learn new things. Equipped with the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. After serving tea to Uncle and Grandpa Yani Apa joined in the conversation and said. I remember one of my wise teachers. Even if there was a difficulty or crisis, he used to remain calm. Not being indifferent to the situation. Rather, with full sensitivity and planning to overcome the difficulty. He was very kind and loving. He had the spirit of partnership and enthusiasm for contributing to life. Grandpa said. A sage recognizes that we humans do not have the answers to all our questions. But we must accept the truth before us without hesitation in the right context. They are usually very creative and involved in writing, drawing or composing music. They are good at finding innovative solutions to a problem. Be it conversation or attitude, this freshness is visible in them. Finding meaning in life is important to them. Let’s sum up the conversation, Yani Apa said. A sage who adheres to the moral principles can deal with all the challenges of life with confidence. In brief, being wise with lifelong learning. And adherence to moral principles is the basic purpose of life Mamdu …… To be continued

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