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مقصد یت کی طاقت The Power of Purpose

An outstanding Urdu Podcast of a Leadership Workshop, the first of its kind. It takes its audience to the journey of self exploration while they learn to write their Mission Statement.

Leadership workshop is not a new idea to the English-speaking world but there is no tradition of such efforts in Urdu.

In this journey of our quest for self exploration, we will come across many universal values such as justice, truth, empathy and honesty.  And we will be able to recognise as to how these values shape our lives and help us find our destiny.

Most of us find solace in whatever is familiar.  But we must have courage to leave the comfort of known in order to embark upon the journey of unknown.

This work is mainly a compilation effort and I do not claim the complete originality of this intellectual effort.  In fact, I would like to acknowledge the sharing of many analogies and ideas from the leadership Gurus of our times.

Aim is purely educational and it is to finally convey these established ideas to the software of minds of the young and educated Urdu/Hindi speaking future leaders of South Asia.

This Podcast in Urdu will be released in a series of ten episodes, each one of about 10 minutes duration. The total listening time will be about one hour 35 minutes

It is recommended that after listening to each episode of approximately ten minutes at a time at your convenience, please do reflect upon the material and complete the entire workshop in days, weeks or even months. We all must learn through reflection in accordance to the preference of our unique learning speed

Listen here to the First Episode (MKT has 10 episodes)

Please do come forward and contribute in this effort with your valuable comments. This will help us improve in our future efforts.

‘Muqsadiat Ki Taqat’ or ‘The Power of Purpose’ is a powerful leadership workshop podcast written and broadcast by Dr. Shariq Ali in Urdu.

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