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شبستان کے اسرار Mystery of Cosmos

listen to ‘شبستان کے اسرار Mystery of Cosmos Episode 1’ on audioBoom

The two biggest mysteries in life are cosmos and consciousness. First episode of شبستان کے اسرار (Mystery of Cosmos) Episode 1
is approximately 10 minutes duration Urdu/Hindi introductory pod cast that takes you to the tour of Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas, in order to explore some of the interesting facts about cosmos. Why Mars is a red star? how does it feel to walk on the surface of Mars? What does research scientists do in NASA? How NASA is exploring the possibility of extra terrestrial life?. These are few questions briefly touched upon in this introductory program. Are you interested to know about Robonauts and what International Space Station is doing up there in space? Do you sometime ask yourself some of the unanswered questions about Cosmos?. If the answer is yes, then please keep listening to this ongoing audio pod cast series exploring the mystery of Cosmos by subscribing (free of charge) Valueversity or visiting and clicking on Media Player in Valueversity website. Some of you may also find this link on Facebook, Twitter and in your inbox. Happy listening!

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