Dekh Zinda Hoon Main. A tribute to Malala Yousufzai

Dekh Zinda Hon Main is an Urdu poem by Shariq Ali, the founder of Valueversity

Still alive!

(Malala`s message to her assailant and his supporters)

My foe, my assailant, the Taliban

did you notice?

I am still alive!

and I am here to stay!

this time, history belongs to me

by the grace of God!

My foe, my assailant, the Taliban

your paradigm is a leper

who lives and decided to remain

in the darkness of caves

you hide your face

and hold your gun

and thrive on fear

and ambush pacifist and armless

is this courage?

Look at me now!

my paradigm is freshness of awakened morning

I belong to a lush green valley

my sibling is breeze

my friends, the valley girls

we sing along with waterfalls, with flowing river

the songs of awakening and freedom

We, the valley girls, have hearts and minds

no different from branches of trees

waiting for spring

and who can stop flowers to blossom?

Our eagerness to get education is our weapon

our weapon to be free!

It is also our song,

our santour for love and peace

a lantern for journey through dark night

our desire to be alive and free

It keeps us illuminated like a lamp

and the darkness has to fall

Look! I am still alive!

we are still alive!

And this time, I am not alone,

we are not alone

decency of humanity is with us

countless human souls, with us

to sing along, to fight along

to move along and win,

the final win of freedom!

Did you notice!

we, the men and women,

are side by side,

and are equal in this fight for our dignity,

we are born to struggle together through life

And this is the will of God!

And this is the will of time!

My foe, my assailant, the Taliban

did you notice?

because of your paradigm

you are hiding your face

And my face is open

I stand upright with dignity

Did you notice?

I am still alive!

We are still alive!

Shariq Ali


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