College Ka Yaar کالج کا یار ، دادا اور دلدادہ، انشے سیریل باسٹھواں انشاء College buddy, Grandpa & me, Urdu/Hindi Podcast Serial, Episode 62

Located in the heart of old Karachi, D J Science college is perhaps the most attractive colonial structure named after its benefactor Dayaram Jethmal. A journey of open mindedness begins here for the students

This Inshay serial (Urdu/Hindi flash fiction pod cast) takes you through the adventures of a teenage boy and the wisdom of his Grandpa. Mamdu is only fifteen with an original mind bubbling with all sorts of questions to explore life and reality . He is blessed with the company of his grandpa who replies and discusses everything in an enlightened but comprehensible manner. Fictional creativity blends with thought provoking facts from science, philosophy, art, history and almost everything in life. Setting is a summer vacation home in a scenic valley of Phoolbun and a nearby modern city of Nairangabad. Day to day adventures of a fifteen year old and a retired but full of life 71 year old scholar runs side by side.

Listen, read, reflect and enjoy!

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