Tribute to Jaun Elia, Perveen Shakir & Dilawar Figar, Urdu Podcast (Khush Guzaran-e-Sheher-e-Ghum)

Dear Everyone,

This Urdu Podcast  KHUSH GUZARAN-e-SHEHAR-e-GHUM commemorates my brief personal encounter with three eminent poets of our time, Jaun Elia, Perveen Shakir and Dilawar Figar

Listening time for this audio Podcast is about 12 minutes. Click the link below to listen

Khush Guzaran-e-Sheher-Ghum by Shariq Ali

Poets are the voice and representation of their time and its condition. But few are able to shine through the dark night of their time like a bright star.


Writer, narrator, producer

Shariq Ali

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