Effective Time Management Urdu Podcast (Kargur Waqt) Value Radio Series KARGUR

Careful listening and following the principles mentioned in this unique Urdu?Hindi Podcast on time management has the potential to bring health, happiness and efficiency in your life. If you believe in life long learning, here is an opportunity for you to effectively use your time listening to this wise and practical material whilst busy doing simple chores e.g. driving, cooking, ironing etc.

This is the first program of the series of educational programs called KARGUR on Value Radio. In this program, your host Shariq Ali focuses on the principles involved in the effective time management and the name of the program is KARGUR WAQT. Listening time is about 15 minutes.

listen to ‘کا ر گر و قت Effective Time Management Part 1’ on audioBoom

listen to ‘کا ر گر و قت Part 2 Urdu/Hindi podcast on Effective Time Management’ on audioBoom

VALUE RADIO is an educational world radio of Valueversity and through its future podcasts, will cover many important areas of self-development and life long learning topics e.g. emotional intelligence, work ethics, stress management etc.

Wishing you an effective and enjoyable listening!

Writer, narrator, producer

Shariq Ali

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