Conversation with a legend, Alif Noon creator Kamal Ahmed Rizvi by Shariq Ali

This 12 minutes audio podcast is the result of a recent (20th November, 2011) telephone conversation with a legend of Pakistan television, Mr Kamal Ahmed Rizvi (KAR)

KAR is the creator of popular comedy serial Alif Noon and many outstanding stage plays e.g. Khoya Hoa Aadmi, Aarfi, Kiss ki Beevi Kiss ka Shohar and so on and so forth. 

An exceptional writer, a sensitive individual, a thorough intellectual, and a great stage artist and a born actor. 

Click the following link and enjoy his multifaceted personality and his life story in his peculiar open, bold and spontaneous style. 

Kamal Ahmed Rizvi (Alif Noon) interview by Shariq Ali

This conversation is shared with the audience after the kind permission of Kamal Ahmed Rizvi Sahib.


Shariq Ali

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