A comedy about the tragedy, ALIF NOON Urdu Podcast By Shariq Ali

Dear Everyone,

This urdu audio podcast is a literary review and a tribute to an extremely talented writer and natural actors in the history of Pakistan television. Alif noon, still remains the most popular Urdu comedy series of all times. Thanks to youtube and iphone technology. If you are interested in the day-to-day affairs and life of ordinary people of Pakistan and in their hopes and dreams and tears and smiles, you will find the production hilarious and thought-provoking

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 Alif Noon, A comedy about the tragedy

Listening time is less than 12 minutes.


Acknowledgement:  I am thankful to Nayara Noor and team and youtube contributors of Alif Noon episodes and PTV  for few clips used in this podcast

Shariq Ali

writer, narrator, producer

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